Celebrating Ron Rappaport

While Ron Rappaport’s passing is a profound loss to Martha’s Vineyard Bank and to our community, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous influence he has had on all of us, and to offer our thanks for his many years of service.

Ron was a distinguished attorney and a pillar of our community who touched many of our lives during his fifty-year career. His 22-year tenure on the Martha’s Vineyard Bank Board of Trustees was marked by his prudent financial governance and heartfelt dedication to community enrichment. Through strategic leadership and compassionate outreach, Ron helped steer Martha’s Vineyard Bank towards a future where community and prosperity go hand in hand.

Ron’s legacy will inspire and guide us as the values he embodied and the vision he set forth will continue to resonate within the Bank hallways and across our Island.

Martha’s Vineyard Bank

Ron Rappaport

In Memoriam

Ron Rappaport, a dedicated advocate for improving lives, uplifted everyone fortunate enough to know him. His boundless generosity left an indelible mark on our Island community, especially through his unwavering support of the Martha’s Vineyard Bank Charitable Foundation.

In keeping with the family’s wishes, donations to the Foundation can be made In Memory of Ron Rappaport.