Celebrate the Art of Teaching Project Grant Application

Martha's Vineyard Bank Charitable Foundation is pleased to offer Celebrate the Art of Teaching Project Grants to support teachers and learners in our community. We look forward to reviewing your application and we thank you for your tireless efforts in helping our children thrive.

Celebrate the Art of Teaching Project Grants

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The focus of Celebrate the Art of Teaching Project Grants is to support educators in the areas of social and emotional learning, diversity, equity & inclusion, and the advancement of 21st century learning through the profile of a graduate.

Profile of a 21st century graduate:

Celebrate the Art of Teaching Project Grants

Martha's Vineyard Bank is committed to supporting the education of the students who reside in the communities we serve.  The Art of Teaching Project Grants are designed to fund programs that enhance and support student's educational enrichment by adding that something extra outside the basic curriculum.  Funding can be for items such as equipment and instructional materials for math, science and language art programs, author visits to the schools, and creative writing workshops.


Total maximum annual amount designated for Educational Project Grants: MV $15,000 annually, and Falmouth $5,000 annually.  Individual grant amounts range from $250 to $1,500.

Grant Guidelines

  • Grant applications submitted by individual Martha's Vineyard and Falmouth Public Schools' educators.
  • Grant applications submitted by specific grades, departments, or curriculums within a specific school.
Please consider the following:
  • Does the grant align with the schools Strategic Plan?
  • Does the grant provide maximum benefit to as many students as possible?
  • Does the grant enhance the core and supplemental parts of the curriculum, support new educational paradigms, and/or result in richer learning experiences?
  • Does the grant call for collaborative efforts between educators?
  • Is the grant application well-written, with a compelling explanation of the impact the grant will have on students in the Martha's Vineyard and Falmouth Public Schools?
Funding Restrictions:
  • Field trips /transportation
  • Refreshments/ Decorations
Review and Approval Process

Applications are due on the second Friday of June annually.

Awards will be announced in the fall of the same year. 

Recipients will be asked to join us at a Celebrate the Art of Teaching reception in September 2021. 

The Bank may contact the applicant for further information or clarifications. The review committee encourages the detailed completion of applications to facilitate the review and approval process. The committee reviews applications and will select finalists for decisioning.

Project Grant Application

Please complete all required fields. If you are not able to complete your application in one sitting, you may save the application and return to it later, by clicking on the 'Save' button on the bottom right-hand corner of the application. Upon clicking 'Save', you will be provided with a link that will allow you to resume the application process later.

For the purposes of this grant, the primary contact will receive notifications and communications from the Bank.

Terms & Conditions

In submitting this grant application to Martha's Vineyard Bank, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All materials/technology/etc. are property of the school district where the application originated.
  • An evaluation of this project as funded must be completed.
  • You agree to the use of your image and grant details to be used in promotions for Martha's Vineyard Charitable Foundation (Foundation) and Martha's Vineyard Bank (Bank). Furthermore, you agree to provide assistance as requested by providing photos, testimonials, interviews, and materials.
  • Results of funded project may be shared publicly.
  • Approval must be granted by the Foundation or Bank for any changes in the focus or implementation of the project.